Pam Wallace

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Pam is at the heart of the DOTS business and has long believed in the power of DOTS to enhance the lives of people who go through the program and the business and teams they work in.

Pam has an HR background with major corporates and has seen the many benefits DOTS provides for individuals and the corporate culture. She presents full DOTS courses as well as specialising in one on one consultations

Speak to Pam today if you are looking to become a DOTS Facilitator or if you want to know who would be best suited to assist your company.

Amy Scott

Amy Scott11

Amy Scott has risen to being one of Australasia’s most sought after professional speakers with her dynamic delivery on the art of communication.

Described by audiences around the world as being “down to earth, entertaining and real”, her ability to genuinely engage people whilst offering practical solutions is second to none!

Now infamously regarded as “The Human Dynamo from Central Otago”, Amy is firmly recognized as an authority in the art of communication. She is fully accredited in the New Zealand made “Dots” Communication model and has been delighting clients with DOTS for almost 10 years.

Amy believes “Communication is the grass roots of everything,” Amy is currently based in Melbourne and works throughout NZ and Australia delivering DOTS courses.

Mark Bunting - Buntycom


Mark is based in Hamilton in the mighty Waikato and he’s a multi-award winning broadcaster, corporate trainer, TV presenter, speechwriter, communications coach and managing director of BUNTYCOM. He also serves on a school board of trustees and the Wel Energy lines trust. He is very busy and loves it that way.

Mark has built a great life as a great communicator and will not rest until YOU can pick your audience and communicate on their level.


Colin Grainger & Melissa Grainger Consultz Limited

colin Melissa


Colin is based in Sydney Australia and his vision is; To teach people the art of effective communication in order to bring about more harmonious business and personal relationships. Too often, Colin has seen the consequences when a challenging conversation has unexpected outcomes when someone assumes, expects or demands something of the other person.

Melissa is based in Auckland, New Zealand but often travels to Australia Dotting clients. Coming from a background and degree in communication in the industry of road maintenance, the new path Melissa has taken in helping others to be able to communicate effectively with anyone in their lives, both professional and personal, has completely changed her life. 

Peter Smeele & Pat Johnston - Connecting with Dots

Peter Smeele Pat Johnston

Pat has a background in finance and health and has been running her own conference and events business for the past 23 years.  Managing conferences she has been privileged to meet people across a wide range professions and organisations. She knows from experience that open, honest and clear communication is essential when  working with people and groups.  Pat discovered DOTS a few years ago and has used DOTS with remarkable success  for conference audiences,  she  loves how The DOTS communication system works for  all ages -  all occupations  - all communities - all ethnicities and is excited to be bringing DOTS to The World.

Peter has been working with organisations, families and individuals in the area of behavioural health for his entire professional life.  Prior to returning to New Zealand (Christchurch) in early 2011 he spent 20 years in the USA working alongside some of the World’s leading experts in behavioural health. Peter has presented at national and international conferences on behavioural health and family systems.  Throughout his life Peter has observed that communication could be said to be the most vital part of human connection, and he is excited to be able to offer the DOTS™  courses. The concepts, principles and ideas conveyed through DOTs are profound and the impact is immediate.