David Dickson

DOTS™ came out of a five year collaboration between David Dickson and Chris Boon. Together they wrote and developed the concept of precognitive natures as part of a four day self development workshop called FREEMIND™. As the word precognitive (before thought) suggests, the programme looked at how we uniquely assimilated data through our different senses before we even had a chance to think.

David felt the need for a simple and practical communication model.  The result was a highly accurate yet simple method of self-understanding that gives the user the ability to dramatically improve their communication skills.

David was a widely traveled behaviourist and former research journalist , who spent over 20 years  researching personality profiling and communication styles. He devoted his life's work to further develop this unique communication tool.

Chris Boon

In 2001 David met Pam Wallace, a highly experienced human resources professional with a passion for learning and development who also had a strong corporate background. With Pam's knowledge, they were able to take the precognitive concepts from the FREEMIND™ course and develop the formula that is currently used to deliver DOTS™. 

David and Pam worked together to produce the current one day DOTS™ programme.

Pam Wallace

Pam is the Director of Dots Communication Limited and as well as delivering courses, trains new facilitators and licensees. Chris has gone on to develop a very successful career in the insurance industry. He is currently the owner of Adelphi Insurance Brokers and using the skills developed working alongside David, has trained, coached and mentored many advisers to develop very successful insurance careers. David became a tetraplegic following a brain bleed in 2004 and continued to deliver DOTS™ seminars until his death in August 2017. 

Dots Communication Limited is based in Cromwell, Central Otago, New Zealand and is committed to helping people help themselves.