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About DOTS™


Interpersonal communication skills  - the critical foundation for our personal and professional relationships.

We all know great communicators who have achieved success and happiness because they connect well with others.

Great communication is a two-way thing. It isn't only about the ability to talk to people  - it's also about interpreting, listening and being aware of the ways people communicate with you and how they comprehend the messages you're sending. 

Our precognitive communication programme, DOTS™, will give you a better understanding of your own communication styles and those of others.

  • you will do better at being able to persuade, influence, negotiate effectively and provide appropriate feedback.

  • you will understand how you can inspire, motivate and encourage.

  • your ideas are more likely to be conveyed with clarity, you will do better at making interesting conversation, network more easily and be able to undertake group presentations with self-confidence and credibility.

  • you will understand how people tick - being aware of the ways others feel and think - and be better able to interpret and listen to their message.

How does DOTS™ Communication Training work


DOTS™ is a simple, effective and fun communication course where you will discover why people think and act the way they do, and how to communicate in a way that will get your message across everytime, to any one you are communicating with.

You will learn about each of the DOTS™ (natures) and what their differences are.

Importantly, you will learn that you are made up of all four DOTS™ and one or two will be your dominant communication style. You will understand how you really tick which enables you to communicate with people in a way that means that they will receive your message just how it was intended.

In just a few hours, you will be able to use this concept in your everyday life both at work and socially. It is a fast paced, fun day where the learning sticks!

It can transform family life, imagine if you really understood your kids and helped them develop their natural strengths, what a gift that would be.

DOTS™ Communication training takes people on a journey of understanding into the powerful and insightful world of precognitive communication.

Don't delay. Get Dotted™ and experience communication breakthroughs with all those people who really matter in your life.